Dean & Deluca Café
9 Rockefeller Plaza
First opened in 1970's SoHo by a schoolteacher and publisher, Dean & Deluca has come into its own as an NYC icon with dozens of locations. The upscale grocer's most noteworthy items are still their sweetest; the mouthwatering selection of rich chocolate cakes and fruit pies.
5 minutes
Oak and Steel
Hidden under a maroon awning on a hectic stretch of Broadway, Oak and Steel sets itself apart from the competition with a friendly atmosphere coupled with expert knowledge, perfect for the vino newbie or anybody who simply detests the snobbery that sometimes goes hand in hand with shopping at shops with wider acclaim.
Ferrari & Maserati
410 Park Ave, at 55th
Parking one of these Italian babies on the streets of NYC is a risky endeavor, but if you've got a garage space – or a pocketbook of steel – a Ferrari is, in the words of Ferris Bueller, “so choice.”
8 minutes
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